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Andy Heath giving the inaugural David Ferguson Lecture.

A core aim of The BASCA Trust is to inform and educate the public about songwriting and composing. One way we accomplish this is through The David Ferguson Lecture which honors the late composer and creators’ rights campaigner.

This annual lecture focuses on (i) the importance of creative intellectual property and (ii) the value and significance of music creators in society. Included in the programme is a networking reception where music students and early-career composers have the chance to meet the speakers and other experienced music professionals.

The inaugural David Ferguson Lecture in 2017 was entitled Making a Living from Writing Music. The lecture was given by Andy Heath, Chair of UK Music and Beggars Music. This was followed by a panel discussion with Goldie, Imogen Heap, Roxanna Panufnik and Andy Heath. The panel was moderated by Helienne Lindvall. The lecture and discussion raised many topics, including:

  • David Ferguson’s contribution to music and his public service to the cause of music writers.
  • Copyright protection for music writers. The practice of transferring copyright in media and classical.
  • The role of publishers, managers, and lawyers.
  • The need for writers to maintain good “housekeeping.”
  • Income sources such as streaming, commissions, and synchronizations.
  • How to get started in a career as a music writer. Approaches to writing and collaboration.

David Ferguson Lecture 2017: Making a Living from Writing Music